Sticker for BMW 3 Series family. Available in different colors. Contour cut from premium outdoor vinyls. Never fades out.

A nicely designed and handcrafted ‘3 series’ sticker. Sticker is designed to be applied on all 3 series models: from oldschool e21 and e30, e36, e46 and newer e90 with tourings e91, coupes e92, and cabrios e93. Latest generation of 3 series cars is presented by f30 sedan, f31 wagon and f34 hatchback bodies.

Sticker for BMW 3 series available in different colors

Sticker is cut off a sheet of ORACAL® 651 adhesive glossy vinyl. Can be applied on a window, windshield and body paint as well.

3 series sticker on a e30 bmw windshield

"Sweetshop Automotive - The Gathering" by Mathew Bedworth

Vinyl sticker is available in nine different colors in stock. Please message us the color you want on the eBay checkout page. Sticker comes with the transfer tape for easy application.

Be careful when taking the sticker off the car paint. Please heat up the vinyl with a heat gun before taking the sticker off. Also use GOO OFF or alternative to wipe the rest of the sticker’s adhesive off the car’s clear coat.

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