Bimmer For Life car windshield banner. Great for project or show BMW cars. Available in different colors. Banner comes with installation instructions.

A sticker that speaks for itself. Made by bimmer drivers. Made for bimmer drivers. Works best on the front windshield.

We truly beleive that BMW cars - especially the older ones were build tough. This is our duty to maintain them right and on time. If you do so the car will pay you back and will run for life.

Here are a couple cars of our happy like-minded customers:

BMW windshield banner

Thank you guys! The sticker looks great. Think I’ll buy some more stuff from you soon 👍🏻

This windshield banner fits pretty much any BMW. It’s important to know though that every BMW model has a slight different shape of the windshield. So don’t expect the sticker to sit identical on every bimmer.

BMW window sticker banner

Absolutely love the sticker I got from you guys! I’ll spread the word!

Sticker is made of a 2.5 mil thick ORACAL 651 outdoor vinyl. Durability period tops at 6 years. Sticker comes with the transfer tape for easy application.

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