Sticker designed for girls that drive bmw cars or maybe just like them. Made of three premium vinyl sheets. pink, balck and white.

Dear ladies! You asked for it you get it. Amazing heart-shaped sticker with some lettering that speaks words of wisdom. BMW girls make it better. Because you do. With love from bimmersticker team.

Vinyl sticker BMW girls make it better

Sticker “BMW girls make it better” in light variation.

Sticker is made of three layers of adhesive ORACAL vinyl and is available in multiple colors and two variations. Light sticker has white “BMW GIRLS” and black “Make it better” letters over a color background.

Vinyl sticker BMW girls make it better inverted

Dark “BMW girls make it better” sticker in pink color.

Inverted sticker has a black background with white and colored lettering on top of it.

Pick the style that fits your car best!

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