Sharknose Legend car windshield banner. Great for and oldschool BMW project like e28 or e30. Available in different colors. Banner comes with installation instructions.

A tribute to these beautifully engineered classical BMW cars. Sticker has a crown icon on it to stress the “respect for the elders”. Banner is designed to be used on the windshield but technically can go anywhere (garage wall, front porch etc).

Sticker is made of an ORACAL 651 adhesive vinyl. Durability period is 6 years. We have a number of different Glossy Vinyl colors in stock: White, Pink and Mint. Custom glossy colors will take extra time to be processed and shipped. Please specify the color you want on the eBay Checkout page or Direct Message us after you place the order. We ship Glossy White if no color is specified.

BMW Sharknose Legend window banner sticker

We added a holographic options for this windshield banner. Let us know what you think in comments below.

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