BMW bimmer not beamer window vinyl sticker

They name it bimmer, beemer, beamer oh my god! How do we spell it right? This vinyl sticker was released in order to shed the light here.

Originally the correct name for a bmw car is bimmer. BMW motorcycles go by beemers. Beamer is a rudimentary word that should never be used. Period.

Holographic vinyl window sticker bimmer not beamer

The goal of this sticker is to let people know how to pronounce and spell it right. Get the sticker to support the community.

Made of two ORACAL® 651 adhesive glossy vinyl layers. Top “bimmer” layer is white, bottom “not beamer” is made of glossy red vinyl.

Bimmer not beamer BMW window vinyl sticker

"M Coupe Turbo 4" by Ken Meisch

Sticker comes with the transfer tape for easy application. Durability period of the sticker tops at 6 years.

Customize it!

Want custom stuff? Your car squad logo for friends or a window sticker for your significant other’s car?

We accept orders for matte, holographic, gold and silver stickers. It might take us some extra time to order a specific roll of vinyl.

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