Vinyl car window sticker daily driven

Here in we all drive modified cars. We do know that driving a lowered car every next day is a commitment. You have to deal with the potholes, and sometimes change your oil pans. But it is doable.

Vinyl sticker Daily Driven on a bmw

"Chesterfield Road" by Chris Barnes

In order to support all the drivers who do the same thing we designed this daily driven sticker.

Car window decal sticker daily driven

"Two Bimmers" by Antrell Williams

Sticker available in different colors and two various sizes. It’s either you get one big sticker 8½ × 5½ in (21 × 14 cm) or for the same price you can take two smaller ones 5 × 3¼ in (12 × 8 cm).

Customize it!

Want custom stuff? Your car squad logo for friends or a window sticker for your significant other’s car?

We accept orders for matte, holographic, gold and silver stickers. It might take us some extra time to order a specific roll of vinyl.

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