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We make stickers from the award-winning ORACAL® 651 and Cricut® adhesive outdoor vinyls. Contour cut vinyl stickers never fade out. Durability period is more than five years.

Affordable shipping options via USPS. One day handling time. Guaranteed three to five days delivery time for US orders. We ship worldwide and offer flexible international shipping rates.

Windshield Banners and Sun Strips

We offer a collection of windshield banners for project and show cars, stanced vehicles, jdm cars. Create your personal banner or sun strip with our online tool.

Custom windshield banners and sun strips

Use our online tool to create and order your personalized windshield banner and sun strip for car or truck. We offer a variety of fonts and colors. Same day processing and next day shipping on all orders.

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ANTISOCIAL windshield banner

Really cool windshield banner. Will make your car or truck stand out!

$2199 View

BMW of America windshield banner

Banner lettering is themed to resemble the American flag.

$2199 View

HARD Tuned windshield banner

Soft tuned does not count. Get this banner only if your vehicle qualifies :-)

$2499 View
Sharknose Legend car windshield banner. Great for and oldschool BMW project like e28 or e30. Available in different colors. Banner comes with installation instructions.

Sharknose Legend windshield banner

A beautiful banner for legendary BMW cars.

$2199 View
Knight Rider car windshield banner. Great for project or show cars. Available in different colors. Banner comes with installation instructions.

Knight Rider windshield banner

Did you see that movie from 80s? Dang!

$2199 View
Bimmer For Life car windshield banner. Great for project or show BMW cars. Available in different colors. Banner comes with installation instructions.

#bimmer4life windshield banner

The first BMW windshield sticker we ever made.

$2199 View
Send Nudes car windshield banner. Great for project or show cars. Available in different colors. Banner comes with installation instructions.

Send Nudes windshield banner

Awesome finishing touch for your project car.

$2199 View
Money Pit car windshield banner. Great for project or show cars. Available in different colors. Banner comes with installation instructions.

Money Pit windshield banner

Sometimes your car project turns into a real Money Pit…

$2199 View
Street Fighter car windshield banner. Sticker font resembles the originl nintendo game branding. Great for project or show cars. Available in different colors. Banner comes with installation instructions.

Street Fighter windshield banner

A follow-up to that oldschool Nintendo game.

$2199 View

Personalized key rings with your vehicle information

Organize your car fleet keys and always have your car VIN on you.

At Sticker Store LLC, we understand that cars are more than just machines. They are an extension of your identity and a source of pride. Have your vehicle information with you wherever you go!

Create Your Key Ring

Stickers come in a variety of colors. New designs are often in progress! Check our Stories on Instagram and subscribe for updates.

Contour cut vinyl sticker for drifters. Looks like a pack of Marlboro cigarettes.

Smoke Tires Not Drugs sticker

Sticker themed like a pack of Marlboo cigarettes.

$599 View
A set of vintage JDM (Japan Domestic Market) stickers from 70s and 80s. JDM sticker pack for cars and motorcycles. Inspired by oldschool Bosozoku street culture.

Vintage JDM Sticker Pack

Inspired by the Bosozoku street culture from 70s and 80s.

$2299 View
HARD Tuned sticker for project cars, drift vehicles and tuned trucks. Will look great on stanced (lowered) vehicles. Neat lettering, available in white and red colors.

HARD Tuned sticker

HARD Tuned sticker is a nice addon for any modified car.

$899 View
Buy two custom stickers with the engine model of your choice. Stickers resemble the Intel Inside logo. Use for S52, RB28, 2JZ, SR20, LS3 or any other engine type.

Two custom engine stickers

Remember that Intel logo? Custom sticker for any engine model.

$1199 View

Lowered Lifestyle sticker

A “lowered sticker” for your lowered vehicle.

$799 View
Babe on Board is a must-have sticker for cars or trucks with ladies on board.

Babe on Board sticker

A must-have sticker if you have ladies on board.

$999 View

Stay Tuned sticker

Neat sticker has a lettering themed with different car parts icons.

$999 View
Sticker for cars with inline six cylinder engine displacement.

Inline Six Power sticker

A must-have sticker for your car with inline six engine.

$999 View
Sticker for modified cars that have air suspension setup. Great sticker for any stanced show car.

Run Bags sticker

A sticker for cars with air suspension setup.

$999 View
Sticker for modified cars that run on coilovers. Because bags are for groceries. Great sticker for any stanced lowered car.

Run Coils sticker

Sticker designed for cars that do run on the old good rock solid coilovers!

$999 View
Sticker for supercharged vehicles. Designed to look like a famous skateboarding company. Die-cut of two vinyl sheets. Never fades out.

Supercharged sticker

Wait a minute, it’s Supercharged, not Supreme!

$899 View
Custom mileage car sticker. For well-kept cars with impressive mileage that are in good hands.

Custom mileage sticker

Respect the elders. Show them your mileage.

$999 View
Daily Driven sticker for cars that are driven every day. Will look awesome on jdm, stanced (lowered) and drift cars. Available in different colors.

Daily Driven sticker

Let them know your project car hits the roads on a daily basis.

$899 View

Custom social network stickers

Variety of stickers that boost your online social profiles. Buy a set for your personal Instagram account, YouTube channel or other social profile.

Check out our custom social media stickers for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok and SoundCloud social networks. Get more followers and help your business grow!

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For Bimmers Only

Stickers designed exclusively for BMW cars. Have a cool idea for a custom sticker? Contact us and we will get back to you the same day.

Custom stickers for BMW emblems, roundels

We offer a collection of overlay stickers for BMW emblems. Customize your emblem color with virtually any color or design such as Maryland, Texas or American flag.

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A set of custom BMW window stickers with 'Powered' wording and stripes. Please specify your engine model. Sticker is contour cut out of premium outdoor vinyls.

Two BMW Powered window stickers

A set of two stickers with your personal engine model.

$999 View
Dope Bimmer Gang contour cut sticker. Made of premium white and blue ORACAL vinyls. Sticker has a bmw logo, lettering and some flames.

Bimmer Gang sticker

Are you part of the Gang?

$999 View
Custom BMW windshield sticker with wording 'Powered' and stripes. We make it for any engine model, you call it. Sticker is contour cut out of premium outdoor vinyls.

Custom BMW Powered windshield sticker

Window sticker that resembles original BMW engine cover design.

$1499 View
Special sticker for the Bimmerfest event. East or west. Pick one that works for you.

Bimmerfest sticker

Bimmerfest event will always take a special place in our heart.

$899 View
Custom sticker for your BMW model. Designed like instagram-style popup. Contour cut from two vinyl sheets. Vinyl never fades out.

BMW model sticker

With custom popup text for any BMW model.

$899 View
Sticker designed for girls that drive bmw cars or maybe just like them. Made of three premium vinyl sheets. pink, balck and white.

Bmw Girls Make It Better sticker

Special sticker for ladies! With love from our crew.

$999 View
Sticker is made to clarify how to spell 'bimmer' right. Cut of two premium outdoor vinyl sheets. Comes with easy installation instructions.

Bimmer Not Beamer sticker

They should spell it the right way. Bimmer.

$899 View
A sticker designed for BMW wagon cars. Tourings are cool, they deserve a sticker. Sticker is contour cut out of two layers of premium outdoor vinyls.

BMW Touring sticker

Tourings deserve a special attention. We love wagons!

$899 View

Stickers for BMW Generations

We have designed a dedicated sticker for almost every BMW generation.

Vinyl stickers for BMW generations

We offer vinyl decals for all generations of BMW cars: from early iconic Shark models (e12, e28 etc..) to the modern BMW G series. Feel free to check them out!

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